Scientific Visualization with the Wolfram Language

Scientific Visualization with the Wolfram Language

Maintained by Jeff Bryant

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About This Graphics Gallery

This gallery represents some of the capabilities of Mathematica to generate graphics for use in scientific visualization. It contains a set of examples that will hopefully grow with time. Given my background in astronomy, a number of the examples will be biased towards astronomy, but the basic ideas represented here can be appled to almost any area. Some examples provide an interactive version that makes use of LiveGraphics3D by Martin Krauss. This requires Java be enabled in your web browser in order to use this functionality.

If you would like to contribute to this collection, feel free to email me ( and make sure to include a full size image, a description, and a notebook if you wish and I will place your submission and give you credit.

Wolfram Research also accepts contributions to its Gallery so don't forget to submit your work to them as well and get your work recognized.