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Emacs modes

name instruction description type comment
follow-mode split a frame to two vertical windows that show the same buffer by C-x 3, then M-x follow-mode edit parts of a long file that are vertically far apart editing
shell M-x shell run a shell through an Emacs buffer software
whitespace-mode M-x whitespace-mode display various kinds of whitespace characters viewing
markdown-mode M-x markdown-mode for viewing and editting files using markdown markup language viewing, editting
yasnippet enter different mode, e.g. xml-mode, lisp-mode, etc., start typing the beginning of code snippets, and press Tab to autocomplete the rest for quickly entering code snippets in different modes editting

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Emacs packages

company Modular text completion framework. viewing, editting
flycheck On-the-fly syntax checking. editting
helm Helm is an Emacs incremental and narrowing framework. ?
use-package A use-package declaration for simplifying your .emacs. configuration
which-key Display available keybindings in popup. UI
yasnippet Yet another snippet extension for Emacs. Editting

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