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Examples of using computing tools

The pages in this section, for now, are mostly notes -- stubs in many cases -- for

  1. my experience of using various computing tools including softwares, programming languages, etc., usually only the actual usage examples, or use cases with minimal explanation

  2. information I found on Web and books, and usually distilled and summarized after my own testing and experimenting

  3. cheat sheets of software

My purpose of keeping note of this is that I don't even always remember a lot of things I use frequently and it's sometimes frustrating to have to relearn these technical processes. In that situation, I often found real examples that I previously used are the most immediately useful information when I need some reminder. After all, the documentation often appears "too long" to read.

Installing and configuring softwares

Development environment



A list of softwares I use


Notes about programming in Mathematica.



Rules for choosing a password


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