October 22, 2002 

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4. For More Information

The information presented here is only a small amount of the available information on these systems. The information presented here is similar to information that is available freely on the web and in some cases, the information shown here came from the web. Here is a list of resources that may prove useful.

The artwork presented in the introduction is part of a collection of space related artwork by Mark A. Garlick. You can find more images online at his webpage:

Images of starfields can be found by searching the online Digital Sky Survey by object name:

Light curves for many CV systems can be obtained from the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO):

An atlas of doppler tomograms for various CV systems can be found in a journal submission:

R.H.Kaitchuck, E.M.Schlegel, R.K.Honeycutt, T.R.Marsh, K.Horne, J.C.White II, and C.S.Mansperger, "An Atlas of Doppler Emission Line Tomography of Cataclysmic Variable Stars". ApJS, 93, 519. Erratum: ApJS, 98, 367 (1994).

The data plotted in this presentation is data collected by the author and Dr.Ronald H.Kaitchuck in the case of the photometry and by Dr.Ronald H.Kaithcuck in the case of the spectral data.

Mathematica 4.2 was used to generate all of the non-artistic graphics from actual data. More information on Mathematica can be found on the Wolfram Research, Inc. website:

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