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Fortune's Fool

First let me say, without giving all away,
    there isn't much here never heard before

Got your boy and your girl, or whichever you prefer,
    and you set them down within each other's range

They know each other some, through work or something fun,
    each toying with the notion of a date

Doesn't take too long, find each other on the phone,
    and shortly there's the sex and trading keys

This story's old, but the faces are all new
Charge for a turn and make a fortune as a rule
Choose between voyeur and a player in this show
I'll buy another turn and take a chance
    As fortune's fool
        I'm fortune's fool

So here I'm back in the game, and this Juliet's the same
    as times before my Romeo is dying on the stage

When I look into her eyes, I'm unsure of what I'll find,
    will she see herself in mine or turn away

Blown my lines in the past, even thrown away the text,
    but this time the Bard himself would have been proud

Was it me, was it you, was there nothing more to do,
    just a little song and dance before we bow

This story's old, but the faces are all new...

(c)2000 Carbon-based Life Songs

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