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"Debut album from this hard rock/power-pop trio from Champaign, Illinois. 12 tracks of heavy hook-rock that seldom holds back. Refreshing vigor and nice sampling on track 7, "The Better Angles of Our Nature", where the band's making fun of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and the sly and sometimes comical maneuverings of politicians in general. Good, good instrumental riffs too.

         -- Reviewer Magazine #6 (San Diego)

"If Dillon Fence had the lead singer from Rocket From the Crypt then it would sound a little like this. Fairly powerful for a 3 piece rock act."

         -- Stubble #25 (Boston Area)

"File under power-pop/alterna-rock, but it's an interesting departure from the recent spate of post-grunge and emocore clones shooting for airplay within a tired whiny-boy "I'm so sensitive" genre. CO2 rocks, and does so with some new sounds."

         -- Spinyard #3 (Internet-based Newsletter)

"Local singer and former guitarist of Crayon Rubbings teams up with the rhythm section from Animator. These long-time locals are gearing up for a CD release for '98. Meanwhile, their demos are slick and on the money."

         -- The Octopus (Champaign Weekly)

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