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               Bulge 1st got together back in the summer of 1994. It all started 10 ft underground in a bomb shelter that was built for a nuclear war in the 1960's. That's where they made their 1st hardcore, fast and furious songs. The lineup at the time was Chris R. on guitar, Mark C. on bass, Keith S. on drums and Dave on vocals. They created a short set and recorded their 1st demo. Things where going all right for a year until Dave the lead singer was having musical differences which caused his premature departure. Hunting for a singer that could keep up with their hardcore style was not an easy task. They even played some shows without a singer. After having a handful of people try out and not succeed Bulge was getting discouraged. 6 months went by when Chris remembered that Stan who at the time was singing and playing guitar in a similar style band called Rejected Values might be interested in doing 2 projects. Both bands hit it off from day one when Dave was singing and they played a multiple number of parties and shows together. One sunny summer afternoon Chris met up with Stan at a local bar in downtown Huntington Beach and asked him to join the band. Stan agreed and soon after Rejected Values broke making Bulge his full time band. The rest is underground history.

Since then Bulge has recorded a demo and released their debut CD on their own DIY label called Edible Afterbirth Records. Bulge is defiantly one of the hardest and fastest punk bands around right now. If this is your taste of music I suggest you catch one of their high energy shows. Bulge has been getting great reviews from Southern (Skratch) and Northern Californian (The Hive) fanzines. Over the years the band has built up a strong local following devoted to their rare oldschool hardcore fast style.

Bulge is ready to step up a notch on their assault of the music scene. They try to stay far away from any trend warping the underground scene. Their influences are strictly oldschool hardcore. They all grew up listening to bands like Agnostic Front, Final Conflict, DRI, MDC, Verbal Abuse and many, many more great hardcore bands.

An interesting recent experience for the band was being cast in American History X, a 1998 release from New Line Cinema. They portray a skinhead band in a pivotal scene near the movie's climax. Like the film itself, Bulge is totally against racism and bullshit skinhead attitudes, but they accepted the call to play a part they could convey convincingly and in service of a message.


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