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A new Buddhist temple was inaugurated in a quiet residential neighbourhood in Fort Wayne, IN with two incumbent Sri Lankan monks, Venerable Thalangama Devananda and Venerable Bulathsinghala Chandana. The temple provides the Buddhist community in Urbana-Champaign a venue for their religious practices. The ceremonial opening with religious and cultural activities took place on June 28, 2003. A few from the Urbana-Champaign Sri Lankan community also attended the ceremony. Since its inauguration, the temple has hosted many religious and cultural events. The temple welcomes anyone interested in furthering their knowledge about Theravada Buddhism. Please contact the temple for more information.

Incumbent Monks:
Venerable Thalangama Devananda (left)
Venerable Bulathsinghala Chandana (right)
Address:   7528 Thompson Road, Hoagland, IN 46745. (updated on June 6, 2011)
Phone:   (260) 447 5269
Websites:   official page   on Facebook


If you wish to make a donation to the temple, you can make a check payable to the 'Indiana Buddhist Temple'. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated.


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