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Bismarck, IL resident finds moose in back yard

Couldn't wait to tell his grandchildren

Stanley Schofield

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A resident of Bismarck, IL, woke this morning to find a moose in his back yard. Stanley E. Schofield was shocked to discover such a large animal near his home.

"I couldn't believe my eyes," Schofield told reporters who rushed to the scene. "When I woke up this morning I knew something was not quite right. I walked out into my living room and looked out through my great big picture window and it was there... just staring at me."

When he first saw the animal, Schofield jumped about 36" into the air (nearly his maximum vertical leap). After regaining his composure Schofield ran down the hall to wake up his wife Shirley, who responded "Go back to bed."

"The next thing I could think of to do was to call all my relatives to tell them about this moose," Stanley told reporters. "I called my youngest grandson. I think I may have woken him up. I told him, 'Robby you won't believe this moose I have in my back yard.' Well hell, he started laughing. I guess he thought I was just trying to pull his leg. I wasn't."

Stanley most certainly wasn't kidding. He likely discovered the last surviving moose in central Illinois, a place that was once densley populated with such beasts.

At the insistence of his daughter Marcia, Stanley didn't call animal control to come remove the moose. Instead his son Brad helped him lure the animal into his pickup truck and the two transported it to Marcia's house where the animal will be properly cared for.

The moose in Stanley's back yard

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