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  • multigraph

  • quiver graph: directed multigraph, 有向伪图

  • quiver, loop arrows from and to the same vertex

  • object, vertex in a graph

  • from directed multigraph to categories

  • morphism, or arrow

  • identity morphism

  • composition of morphisms

  • There can be multiple different loops on one object, but one of them must be the identity morphism. Why?

  • endofunctor

  • Haskell languge is a category, Hask, with the Haskell language types as the objects and Haskell-langauge functions are morphisms.

  • 'Hask' is a Cartesian closed category

  • n-category

  • monoids for input and output in Haskell language


  • Haskell and WL

  • category theory and WL


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