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Jeff Bryant's Transformers Collection

A Complete List of the Transformers Collected by Jeff Bryant

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The Transformers is one of the most popular toy series ever made. I was first introduced to toy robots with a 24" tall Shogun Warrior b named Mazinga introduced in the US in the late '70s. Although it did not change its form, it had a jetcraft that docked in its head, two swords, a spring-loaded fist, and missiles that shot from the other hand. My first action b!

Then came Go-bots. I seem to remember the Go-bots prior to the Transformers introduction. I remember several that I had including Cy-kill, Cop-ter, Leader-1, Turbo, and many others. Unfortunately, I never kept any of those bs.

Introduction to the Transformers -- I remember someone asking me as a kid if I had any Transformers and I remarked that they were too expensive, I think around $13 for the cooler mid-sized bs. As a kid, my parents didn't give me an allowance, I had to beg and plead to get a toy which usually didn't work. Most of my later collection came from Christmas or birthday gifts. I was lucky enough to have a giving family. The first Transformers I got were Wheeljack, Trailbreaker, and Ironhide. I got all of them the same Christmas. I was instantly hooked. They were far more intricate than Go-bots, had cooler packaging, and were bigger!

Generation 1 Transformers

All bs out of the box unless otherwise stated.


Autobot Ironhide - Red van. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Tracks - Corvette. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Trailbreaker - Truck with shell. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Wheeljack - Racecar. (Robot | Vehicle)

Autobot Air Guardian

Autobot Jetfire - Autobot jet. (Robot | Vehicle)

Autobot Communicator

Autobot Blaster - Autobot boom-box. (Robot | Radio)

Decepticon Communicator

Decepticon Soundwave - Decepticon cassette recorder. (Robot | Cassette Player)


Autobot Eject - Autobot humanoid cassette tape. Blue and grey. (Robot | Tape)
Decepticon Frenzy - Decepticon humanoid tape. Toy version was blue, cartoon-version was red and black. (Robot | Tape)
Decepticon Overkill - T-rex decepticon cassette tape. (T-Rex | Tape)
Autobot Ramhorn - Autobot rhinoceros cassette tape. (Rhino | Tape)
Decepticon Ratbat - Decepticon tape that transformed into a bat. Seen first in the movie. (Bat | Tape)
Autobot Rewind - Autobot humanoid cassette tape. Black and grey. (Robot | Tape)
Decepticon Slugfest - Stegosaurus Decepticon cassette tape. (Stegosaurus | Tape)
Autobot Steeljaw - Autobot lion cassette tape. (Lion | Tape)

Autobot Grandslam - Autobot tank cassette tape.
Autobot Raindance - Autobot jet cassette tape.
(Jet and Tank | Tapes)
2 bs merge to form Slamdance.

Decepticon Beastbox - Decepticon gorilla cassette tape.
Decepticon Squawktalk - Decepticon bird cassette tape.
(Bird and Gorilla | Tapes)
2 bs merge to form Squawkbox.

Decepticon Jets

Decepticon Dirge - Decepticon jet, 4 wings, no tail fins. (Robot | Vehicle)
Decepticon Ramjet - Decepticon jet, white with red delta-shaped wings. (Robot | Vehicle)
Decepticon Thundercracker - Decepticon jet. (Robot | Vehicle)


Decepticon Bombshell - Insecticon rhinoceros beetle. (Robot | Insect)
Decepticon Kickback - Insecticon. (Robot | Insect)
Decepticon Shrapnel - Insecticon. (Robot | Insect)


Autobot Blades - Protectobot helicopter. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot First Aid - Protectobot ambulance. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Groove - Protectobot police motorcycle. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Hotspot - Leader of the heroic Protectobots. Blue fire-engine.
(Robot | Vehicle | Repair Bay)
Autobot Streetwise - Protectobot police car. (Robot | Vehicle)
5 Protectobots merge to form Defensor.


Autobot Bumblebee - Yellow VW bug. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Cliffjumper - Normally red mini-car. (I have a yellow variant) (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Cosmos - Mini-transformer taking the form of a '50's-style flying saucer. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Outback - 4x4 Land Rover Defender. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Pipes - Blue semi cab mini-transformer. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Powerglide - Mini Transformer A-10 jet. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Seaspray - Mini Transformer hovercraft. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Tailgate - White Trans-Am. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Wheelie - Orange futuristic car. Annoying character introduced in the movie. (Robot | Vehicle)


Decepticon Carnivac - Decepticon Pretender Beast wolf.
(Robot | Robot Wolf | Pretender)
Autobot Cloudburst - Autobot Pretender. (Robot | Vehicle | Pretender)
Decepticon Skullgrin - Decepticon Pretender with white bull skull. (Robot | Vehicle | Pretender)


Decepticon Astrotrain - Decepticon triple changer, space shuttle - locomotive. (Robot | Space Shuttle | Locomotive)


Decepticon Blot - Black-and-blue two-legged Terrorcon. (Robot | Monster)
Decepticon Cutthroat - Birdlike Terrorcon. (Robot | Monster)
Decepticon Hun-Gurr - Grey two-headed dragon. Leader of Terrorcons. (Robot | Monster)
Decepticon Rippersnapper - Grey two-legged Terrorcon. (Robot | Monster)
Decepticon Sinnertwin - Yellow two-headed dragon Terrorcon. (Robot | Monster)
5 Terrorcons merge to form Abominus.


Autobot Afterburner - Technobot futuristic motorcycle. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Lightspeed - Technobot futuristic car. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Nosecone - Technobot futuristic drilling tank. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Scattershot - Technobot futuristic flying mothership. Leader of the Technobots. (Robot | Vehicle | Gun)
Autobot Strafe - Technobot futuristic flying fighter-jet. (Robot | Vehicle)
5 Technobots merge to form Computron.


Autobot Air Raid - Black F-14 Aerialbot. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Silverbolt - Leader of the heroic aerialbots. Can you believe I traded in a nearly perfect condition dinobot Snarl for a worn,out-of-the-box b? Ugghh! Why did I do that? (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Slingshot - Small, white Aerialbot jet. (Robot | Vehicle)
5 Aerialbots merge to form Superion.


Decepticon Blast Off - Combaticon space shuttle. (Robot | Vehicle)
Decepticon Brawl - Combaticon tank. (Robot | Vehicle)
Decepticon Onslaught - Combaticon Leader, double-barrelled gun truck. (Robot | Vehicle | Base)
Decepticon Swindle - Member of the Combaticons. Jeep with gun. (Robot | Vehicle)
Decepticon Vortex - Combaticon helicopter. (Robot | Vehicle)
5 Combaticons merge to form Bruticus.


Decepticon Breakdown - Lambourgini Stunticon. (Robot | Vehicle)
Decepticon Motormaster - Leader of the evil stunticons. (Robot | Vehicle | Station)
Decepticon Wildrider - Grey-car Stunticon. (Robot | Vehicle)
5 Stunticons merge to form Menasor.


Autobot Blur - Futuristic car. I have the Targetmaster version.
   with Haywire - black/grey gun/robot (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Sureshot - Autobot Targetmaster yellow futuristic car.
   with Spoilsport - Red/grey gun/robot. (Robot | Vehicle)


Decepticon Crankcase - Triggercon SUV. (Robot | Vehicle)


Decepticon Darkwing - Decepticon Grey Panavia Tornado S.2 jet.
   with Throttle - blue/grey engine/robot (Robot | Vehicle)
Decepticon Autobot Doubledealer - Green/Purple eagle/missile launcher. Mercenary.
   with Knok - red/grey engine/robot
   with Skar - purple/yellow engine/robot. (Robot | Vehicle | Monster)


Autobot Doublecross - Autobot Monsterbot, double-headed dragon. (Robot | Dragon)


Decepticon Flamefeather - Firecon blue eagle. (Robot | Monster)


Autobot Chase - Red Ferrari. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Freeway - Blue Corvette. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Goldbug - Autobot Bumblebee re-incarnated as a shiny throttlebot. (Robot | Vehicle)
Autobot Rollbar - Throttlebot jeep. (Robot | Vehicle)


Autobot Hardhead - Autobot Headmaster futuristic tank.
   with Duros - Green/yellow head/robot. (Robot | Vehicle)


Decepticon Hook - Constructicon crane. (Robot | Vehicle)
Decepticon Long Haul - Constructicon dump truck. (Robot | Vehicle)
Decepticon Scavenger - Constructicon back hoe. (Robot | Vehicle)
6 Constructicons merge to form Devastator.

Autobot City

Autobot Metroplex - Autobot city.
   with Scamper - black car/robot
   with Six Gun - robot/tower/guns
   with Slammer - white tank/tower (Robot | City | Station | Minions)


Decepticon Overbite - Seacon shark-like monster. (Robot | Monster | Gun)
Decepticon Skalor - Seacon two-legged monster. (Robot | Monster | Gun)
Decepticon Snaptrap - Seacon leader, turtle-like monster. (Robot | Monster)
6 Seacons merge to form Piranacon.

Decepticon Clones

Decepticon Pounce - Panther Decepticon Clone.
Decepticon Wingspan - Eagle Decepticon Clone.
(Robots | Pounce | Wingspan)

Deluxe Insecticons

Decepticon Ransack - black cricket (Robot | Cricket)


Decepticon Razorclaw - Red/orange lion. Predacon leader.
(Robot | Lion)
Decepticon Tantrum - Red/orange bull. (Robot | Bull)
5 Predacons merge to form Predaking.

Autobot Heroes

Autobot Rodimus Prime - Futuristic van. (Robot | Vehicle)

Double Targetmasters

Autobot Scoop - Autobot Targetmaster payloader.
   with Holepunch - Blue gun/robot
   with Tracer - Yellow gun/robot
(Robot | Vehicle)

Headmaster Base

Decepticon Scorponok - Decepticon Headmaster base.
   with Lord Zarak - Purple/cream robot/head
   with Fast Track - Grey/orange six-wheeled car (Robot | City | Scorpion | Minions)

Deluxe Vehicles

Autobot Whirl - Deluxe transformer helicopter. (Robot | Vehicle)

Power Dashers

Autobot F-1 Dasher - black-silver-red rocket car - Powerdashers were available only from the S.T.A.R.S. program. When you sent in robot points for a Powerdasher, you got one of the three different forms, at random. No individual names for the Powerdashers were given; the name given above is the Takara Diaclone toy name. (Robot | Vehicle)


Decepticon Spectra - Flashbulb.
Decepticon Spyglass - Lense.
Decepticon Viewfinder - Shutter piece.
Merge to form Reflector (Camera). Available only from the S.T.A.R.S. program


Decepticon Nightflight - Grey F-14.
Decepticon Stormcloud - Purple/black Dassault Rafale.
Decepticon Tailwind - Blue A10 Thunderbolt II.
Decepticon Whisper - Black stealth jet.
(Robots | Jets)


Autobot Bumblebee - Decoy of the G1 Bumblebee b. (Decoy)
Decepticon Blitzwing - Decoy of the G1 Decepticon Triple-changer.(Decoy)

Generation 1 Commemorative Series

All bs in mint condition, still in box


Autobot Grapple - Autobot Yellow Crane. (Box Front | Box Inside)
Autobot Jazz - Autobot Porsche. (Box Front | Box Inside)
Autobot Prowl - Autobot police car. (Box Front | Box Inside)
Autobot Red Alert - Red and white Lambourgini fire-chief car. Repaint of G1 Sideswipe.
(Box Front | Box Inside)
Autobot Rodimus Major - Ugghh! They renamed the classic character Hot Rod!
(Box Front)
Autobot Silverstreak (Bluestreak) - Autobot Datsun 280ZX.
(Box Front | Box Inside)

Autobot Commander

Autobot Optimus Prime - Leader of the Autobots. (Box Front)

City Commander

Autobot Ultra Magnus - Car carrier. (Box Front)

Decepticon Jets

Decepticon Skywarp - Decepticon Jet. (Box Front | Box Inside)
Decepticon Starscream - Decepticon jet. (Box Front)

Transformers: Beast Machines


Vehicon Obsidian - Green/blue/dark grey/orange Ospry VTOL helicopter/airplane. (Robot | Vehicle)
Maximal Quickstrike - Grey/translucent blue/silver wolf. (Robot | Animal)
Maximal Silverbolt - Red/yellow/orange/silver condor. (Robot | Animal | Griffin)


Maximal Black Arachnia - Purple/copper/green/black spider. (Robot | Spider)
Maximal Optimus Primal - Blue/grey/green gorilla. (Robot | Ape)
Maximal Savage/Noble - Red/yellow (Savage)beast/(Noble)wolf. (Savage/Noble)
Vehicon Strika - Blue/gold/grey/black all-terrain assault vehicle. (In Box)
Vehicon Thrust - Yellow/violet/green motorcycle. (Robot | Vehicle)


Maximal Rattrap - Silver/green/red/orange rat.
Mint condition, still in box (In Box)
Vehicon Tankor - Orange/grey/black tank.
(Robot | Vehicle)
Maximal Cheetor - Yellow/blue/green cheetah. (Robot | Cheetah)


Vehicon Jetstorm - Blue/red/grey futuristic jet. (Robot | Vehicle)
Vehicon Megatron - Grey/Red/Black Dragon. (Robot | Dragon)
Maximal Nightscream - Blue/brown/yellow Bat. (Robot | Bat)


Maximal Cheetor - Cheetah. (Robot | Cheetah)

Transformers: Heroes of Cybertron

All bs in mint condition, still in box
Autobot Arcee - Pink/white PVC female Autobot. (In Package)
Decepticon Megatron - PVC leader of Decepticons. (In Package)
Decepticon Skywarp - Black/purple PVC Decepticon jet. (In Package)
Decepticon Starscream - Grey/Red PVC Decepticon jet. (In Package)
Decepticon Thundercracker - Blue/Red PVC Decepticon jet. (In Package)
All Heroes of Cybertron bs are highly stylized immovable PVC bs in robot mode.

Transformers: Armada

Unicron - Grey/orange/purple/white planet.
   with Dead End (minicon) - Dark grey/yellow/silver battle moon
Mint condition, still in box (In Box)

Transformers: Alternators

All bs in mint condition, still in box
Autobot Hound - Green Jeep Wrangler. (In Box)
Autobot Smokescreen - Blue/green/gold Subaru Impreza WRC. (In Box)
Autobot Sideswipe - Red Dodge Viper. (In Box)