Sonrise Farms
of East Central Illinois

Hesterberg Family

Sonrise Farms is owned and operated by Dan and Diane Hesterberg and their children. Dan is a full-time farmer and Diane is a full-time mom and keeps things running in the office. Each family member is given responsibilities according to their ages and abilities.

It is a typical east central Illinois farm producing corn, soybeans, and wheat. The difference began in the mid 90's when the Hesterbergs began converting some of their cropland into a natural pasture-based system. Soon they began raising chickens on pasture and next came Murray Grey beef cattle. As customers requested, turkeys and hogs were also part of the operation for a number of years. All meat products and eggs are sold directly to customers and are picked up at the farm.

Sonrise Farms is located in Vermilion County, Illinois, approximately 25 miles northeast of Champaign-Urbana and 20 miles northwest of Danville.

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Sonrise Farms
1330 East 3000 North Rd.
Penfield IL 61862

Phone: (217) 595-5603
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